Are You a Victim of Degree Inflation? Take a Look…


There’s simply no way to avoid all of the challenges that exists today on the quest towards becoming successful in the job market, there are no short-cuts to long-term success, so let’s address the challenges head on… I’m talking about  Degree Inflation.

Degree Inflation, also known as Academic inflation,  described as the minimum job requirement, resulting in an excess of college graduate individuals with lower degrees (associate and bachelor’s degrees) competing for too few jobs that require these degrees and even higher, preferred qualifications (master’s or doctorate degrees).

The effects of a degree inflation:

Tougher to find a job without a college degree or specific certification.

Employers selections and assessments will weigh heavily on certifications and college degrees.

Rising debt for kids seeking to obtain a college degree and graduate/professional degree.

Devaluing the outlook of a college degree.

Here is a look at the 10 occupations with the biggest percentage increases in requiring a college degree:



Source: 2010, The

The Chart B reverts me to one of my previous articles, “Are you paying more, for less. “ Only this situation is very critical and economically damaging. Although academic inflation is impossible to avoid according to the New York Times, just 56 percent of spring graduates in 2010 found jobs out of college, versus the 90 percent in 2006.

Personally, I find it tough to reason with any employer requiring a Bachelor’s degree to fill a job that mainly consist of answering telephones, scheduling meetings, and copying files from the printer. As the cost of tuition continues to rise, along with the demand for higher degrees from employers, it’s important to factor the struggles of finding full-time employment, while finding a good salary to balance the cost of living.

Mostly, everyone in the job market currently seeking employment is a victim of degree inflation. What are some of your challenges? Subscribe and stay tuned.


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