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Welcome! It’s been several weeks months now since I’ve posted anything, but that’s only because I’ve been working closely on accomplishing my goals for 2012… Currently, I am in the process of closing on my first home which has required a lot of hidden time I did not account for; in addition to taking on more duties on my job, I’ve also started working out.

After weeks and weeks of meticulous browsing and consulting with our Realtor, the home we decided to purchase was an older, mid-90’s home;  This 2,300+ square ft, two-car garage was the best choice because of its perfect lot size and privacy, yet remains relevant to the city and night life. We were able to get our loan locked in for a fixed rate of 3.75%, and our offer was accepted for $15,000 less than what the owners purchased the home for. The sellers also agreed to pay for the closing costs and cover several upgrades for the home.

More updates and pictures will come in the following days, stay tuned!


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