YNE Lesson 1: 5 Life Skills You Didn’t Learn in School

Welcome to a 5-lesson series of “Life Skills You Didn’t Learn in School.” Each week, I will reveal one relevant in-depth factor (with solutions) you probably did NOT learn in the classroom. Whether you have completed high school or college, but matured into the adult lifestyle you can remember at least one occasion that you wondered “Why didn’t I learn this is in School“? Then again, the thought probably occurred during several occasions; remember that cold morning your car failed to start, or experienced a blocked drain in the kitchen sink that you couldn’t quite figure out, and what about learning important information about consolidations, re-quotes, and refinancing after you signed for that auto loan or mortgage, -and- let’s not forget about the times you gave up and settled for fast foods vs. cooking healthy foods because you could not find a reasonable budget, have you or someone you know been a victim to a burglary or robbery that could have been prevented, are you able to tailor your communication skills to successfully network with important people to advance in your career? Whatever your case may be, hopefully over the next few weeks you are able to relate to some of these skills and learn some important tips that you did NOT learn in school. And now for lesson 1…

Emergency Repairs

There are two major things in life you will probably encounter, auto repairs and home repairs. When it comes to cars, I’ve heard a wide range of stories from people who simply had no clue about maintaining their cars and here’s a few; how to change a tire, forgetting to keep oil in the engine, how to replace fuses, etc. Some basic maintenance everyone should know about their car consists of the following:

Replacing fuses, replacing a headlight bulb, replacing a wiper blade, changing a tire, jumping a battery, replacing a battery.

Re-filling fluids (brake fluid, engine oil, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid, and engine coolant (anti-freeze)). To learn about each of these fluids and where to check them, click here or see your car manual book.

To learn (step-by-step) how to replace fuses, headlights, and wiper blades click here.  To learn how to change a tire click here (three-minute video), or for jumping a battery click here (three-minute video), if you’re interested in learning how to replace a battery click here for a six-minute tutorial.

Now onto home repairs; whether it’s a broken kitchen cabinet, the clogged up sink in the bathtub, a wet floor from washing clothes or annoying leaky pipes, and the smelly backed up toilets its time to learn some cost-effective tips and do-it yourself.

To learn more about fixing and/or replacing cabinets click here. To learn about three different ways of fixing clogged up sinks click here. For information with pictures to fix a leaking washing machine click here; to fix a leaking pipe click here, to replace a pipe click here, and click here for a step by step guide to repair a backed-up toilet.

Note, if these items are still under warranty then you should call and have the store to replace these repairs, otherwise, simply follow instructions provided above and easily save yourself hundreds of dollars.

Are u still worried about electrical wiring problems? We’ll Progress Energy is offering up to $500 of annual coverage that includes, common electrical repairs (wiring, breakers, outlets, interior wiring, and more), and a one-call service by licensed, insured electricians for just $3.95 a month! What emergency repairs have you encountered and how did you solve it?

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