Are You Living Two-Steps Ahead?

Truth of the matter is this: My next week agenda is to focus on completing goals for December, while creating a detailed outline for my next year’s goals… This is a routine process for me which rarely ever changes. The benefits of planning ahead and acting promptly allows me to take control and balance my work/life schedule.  There are two important things in life that I evaluate frequently; the goals I HAVE to accomplish and the goals I WANT to accomplish, and then prioritize each.

The goals I have to accomplish may range from going to work, organizing my deadlines, completing certifications related to my job, paying bills, and making time for house/car upkeep.

The goals I want to accomplish may range from going on weekend trips, attending local events, and engaging in other things that interest me, but are separate from my job and chore’s.

The items needed to begin living two-steps ahead include:

  • A Monthly Calendar
  • A Household Expense Chart
  • The will power to stay ahead

Are you living two-steps ahead?


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