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2012 Goals Update


Today is a quick recap of the goals I created 365 days ago.

Life Goals for 2012

  • Purchase my First Home Completed 
  • Expand Cash Flow Received a slight pay increase and promotion in working title to Team Lead.
  • Explore and Invest in Stock and/or Open IRA – Explored stock and IRA options, no final decision made.

Personal Goals for 2012

  • Expand Website (Subscribe to stay in the loop) Changed website layout and created store advertising YNE products.
  • Tribal Chest Tattoo – Decided against getting another tattoo this year.
  • Create a Weekly Fitness Routine Work out flow
  • Subscribe to a Magazine Purchased GQ Magazine
  • Passport – Application is completed appointment will be set in January.
  • Travel – Went to South Carolina Beach

2013 Goals will be published soon so stay tuned!

Did you complete your goals this year? Let’s hear them!


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