The Need To Succeed

Have you ever felt you could have done better on that test, tried just a little bit harder on that job, or completed last week’s project better, this story is for you. By now you’ve probably read or at least heard about Amy Chua’s article on Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior, which most American’s especially western parents felt misconceptualized based on the 8,800+ comments. However, being that I’m American and live on the East Coast, I found Amy’s article transparent to many mislead perceptions.

However, I respect Amy’s thoughts and decision to write that article because to me her statements brought America into a well lighted room of challenges from years of unanswered questions. Are we preparing youth for the future properly?  Does a child owe the parents, or vice versa?  Are we maximizing our true potentials?

Parents – Respecting your child’s individuality and encouraging them to pursue their ideas are vital. Every child is full of creative ideas and thoughts some good, some bad, but having the room to explore helps define and develop that child. However, it is also important to protect your child by establishing guidelines and showing the child what they’re capable of to build their inner confidence. The guidelines should be rational and compromised occasionally, some brief guidelines should include the following; what time to goto bed, how to interact with adults, whats appropriate and whats not, importance of eating proper balanced meals, and creating a efficient balance of school, study, and allowing child development (free time). Challenging a child to maintain good grades should be top priority as it develops the child confidence mentally and creatively. Free time develops the child’s confidence physically and/or creatively. At some point in a child’s life they are going to seek guidance and advice from parents, friends, and/or teachers. If the child trust the parents from the occasional compromises granted and confident the parents are understanding of their individuality, then that child will stay open and communicate primarily with the parents. Maintaining that balance of allowing personal growth, while maintaining the guidelines given above gives the child the boost they need to excel into the future as a young adult.

Everyone – Opportunities exist everywhere, whether you’re in high school, college, recently graduated, or mid-career experience. You need to continue challenging yourself for self-improvement, its a life long journey. To be good at anything in life requires time and effort. Never settle for less than your original goal, and when you obtain that goal, set another goal to excel further. If you don’t reach that goal, then you need to re-evaluate potential areas that prevented you from reaching that goal, but nonetheless give 100%. Maximizing your true potentials will consists of (trial and error) to some extent due to time management and level of priorities. Being able to make time for yourself and do new things of your interest is also necessary for growth as it builds character and develop self-worth.


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