Lifestyle: 5 things to try in your 20’s

In life, there is much to be challenged, much to be accomplished, and much to be explored. During this life-long journey of learning, there are 5 things you should try in your 20’s:

1. Go to College

Going to college is a lifetime experience. You’ll quickly learn how to balance classes, money, and social life all at once; you have access to multiple career choices and companies through your department major, professors, dean, and alumni members. While your in college, you also get the chance to apply to internships, Co-op’s, and other full-time career positions to nearly any company or agency throughout the United States. If this isn’t enough, you have free access to professional career counselors, who are available to help develop your resume, sharpen your interview skills, and give you leads on the best available job openings.

2. Find a Career Job

With today’s economy, finding a career job can be a full-time job -but its possible-. My advice for any college student entering into their last academic school year is to add another course titled, “finding a career job.” Finding a career job goes as follows: The sooner, the better! There’s nothing like having a career job and a continuous cash flow. Showing that you have a few months of stable income is vital when you go to apply for a home, car, or credit card loan. At this point, you have several options to begin saving and investing, while building your retirement fund. Also, several career jobs come with perk’s such as free additional job training and certifications, cell phone discounts, hotel discounts, and you have access to becoming a member of professional organizations related to your career.

3. Seek Professionalism

Once you’ve entered into the golden ages of the 20’s there’s no looking back, you are in fact an adult. As a adult its the perfect time to become responsible and professional in every aspect of your life -if you haven’t already done so-. The best way to develop these skills is to develop a monthly to-do list chart using your Smartphone, PDA, or Calendar. This chart consists things of all the things you have to do; the time and day’s you work, the time your bill’s are due, important meetings or events you have to attend, weekend plans with friends, family, significant other, and your hobbies. The long-term goal is designed to help you stay on track until you begin to unconsciously achieve your daily agendas.

4. Find Love

When is ideal age to marry? We’ll according to a USAToday online poll of 66,904 people the results revealed the following: 49% believe that ages 26-30 is the ideal age to get married, 24% voted for ages 22-25, 16% voted for ages 31-35, 3% voted for ages 18-21, 2% voted for ages 36-40, 2% voted for ages  41 and over, 2% voted any age, and 1% voted unsure. From the statistics given, we can say that a person is more likely to find or at least expect to find love during their 20’s. Usually in the 20’s most people are finding themselves and their careers, while building stronger bonds with their significant other. Now finding love takes time, but during this process it teaches you alot about who you are and the type of person you attract. When you find love and companionship, you and your partner will experience new levels of compromising and trusting, while inspiring each other to achieve the goals you both set in life. Try it.

5. Explore

One of the best things you’ll ever do in life is explore. Now is the best time to travel and experience new things, see new places, and learn about the town/cities culture. Some people say, “A picture is worth 1,000 words,” but exploring and seeing for yourself is utterly breathtaking. If getaways isn’t your hobby, then you can always explore new things locally or become involved in organizations, events, or expand upon your hobby by creating a group with similar interests. Remember your in your 20’s and you have alot of exploring to do. Get Started.


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